Enphase Storage Solution at Solar2016 (Enphase Cut)

Gary New
about 6 years agoMay 30, 2016
Can to Enphase Storage be used with APS Micro Inverters
Grant Behrendorff
about 6 years agoJune 5, 2016
Yes it can Gary, it's able to be retrofitted to any existing AC or DC system.
about 6 years agoJune 15, 2016
it would be great if you could hear what the guy is saying in stead of the music
about 6 years agoJune 17, 2016
i don't have a smartphone sounds complicated a lot of stuff to do to much info for me  i'm confused.
about 6 years agoJune 19, 2016

about 6 years agoJune 23, 2016
Solar seems expensive in Australia, I have looking into it several times but is just too much. Is there a government rebate that can be claimed, I hear there is be have never had it explained. Also the installers only seem to want to put in the smallest system they can split is JUST gonna cover the load with no spare solar power so the battery would never charge anyway
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